When should I use Travel set bottles?
We recommend that you always have a travel set in your home. It is necessary for you to take your favorite cosmetics with you on your trip. It is easy to fill and close and fits in any bag, backpack or suitcase, and most importantly, the bottles do not leak!

Where is it made?
Travel set bottles are manufactured in Kikinda, Serbia.

How are travel set bottles shipped to me?
We offer $8.00 5-12 days shipping through Post of Serbia

What is your refund and return policy?
We proudly offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, and offer refunds and returns within 30 days of order delivery.

Is it safe?
Yes it is. Those are empty 5pcs 100ml leak proof HDPE bottles made for cosmetic products.

In which countries are travel kits available?
We are currently sending travel sets to all European countries and will soon be sending them to the USA as well. Travel sets are sent from Serbia, where they are manufactured.

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